A meeting devoted to the opening of Plug&Play center took place in Makhachkal

A meeting devoted to the opening of Plug&Play center took place in MakhachkalA press-conference dedicated to the opening of a Plug&Play Center in Dagestan took place on September, 14 in Makhachkala. Recall that the opening of one of these centers in Makhachkala was scheduled as part of a cooperation agreement recently concluded within APEC summit in Vladivostok between Group Summa, Global Venture Alliance (GVA) and one of the most prominent business incubators of Silicon Valley - Plug&Play.

The event was organized by Russian holding Group Summa with the participation of the Vice-President for Investments of Group Summa James Simmons, the president of Public Relations Konstantin Panin, the president of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) Magomed Musayev, the chairman and co-founder of Global Partners Catalyst Company Kamran Elahian and a partner of GVA Arcadiy Moreinis.

Business incubators will appear in Dagestan, Vladivostok and other regions of Russia, Konstantin Panin said at the meeting: This project is a continuation of Group Summa’s work which is carried out by our leaders to promote high-tech. The president of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) Magomed Musayev noted the importance of Kamran Elahian’s coming to the Republic who is a highly placed person and the creator of many of modern information technologies.
According to Musayev, the opening of the Plug&Play center in Dagestan means for scientific and intellectual potential of the Republic the possibility to enter global networks through Silicon Valley without any red tape.