Kickstarter tightens the rules for submitted projects

Kickstarter tightens the rules for submitted projectsThe leaders of crowdfunding portal Kickstarter tighten the rules for placing new projects. In an effort to protect users from unready products they oblige the developers, during the registration of their ideas, to indicate all possible risks they may face.

Kickstarter is not a store! - as indicated in the statement of the project leaders, who help in raising money to implement various projects. - We present a number of changes in the platform, aimed at underlining that Kickstarter is not a shop, but a new way for developers and the audience to create things together.

The list to be filled at the registration of a new project which claims the money of Kickstarter users, includes a section entitled Risks and possible complications, in which the developers are required to answer the following questions: What are the problems the project may encounter? What are the risks? How can you overcome them? Moreover, it is forbidden to spread fictional images and concepts - the photos must be only of existing prototypes.

Kickstarter intends to protect people from investments in unfinished projects the authors of which want to get more money and do not provide adequate safeguards of the implementation of their projects. Kickstarter does not want to lose the trust of its users.

It should be noted that the tightening of requirements seems justified. According to statistics, only 25 percent of Kickstarter projects related to information technology and design are implemented right on time. There are some projects that were not implemented at all.