Dmitry Medvedev: The state can not leave the sphere of innovative projects

Dmitry Medvedev: The state can not leave the sphere of innovative projectsA round table on The state in the innovation market: the institute of development or a competitor of private equity? took place on September, 21 within the XI International Investment Forum Sochi-2012, to discuss the development of the market for innovative projects in Russia, the difficulties it faces and the role of the state in promoting a positive image of beginner entrepreneurs.

As noted by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who attended the roundtable, he is not a supporter of excessive state involvement in the economy, but the sphere of innovative projects will always be a risk zone and require investments that could not be attracted from private capital: The state can not leave this sector, but its role should be upgraded, and the state should make its efforts in the right way.

Igor Agamirzyan specified particular use of one of the main instruments of state: Development institutions are designed and exist as a tool of the state to address the challenges that can not be solved by traditional bureaucratic methods. Development Institute is, in fact, a bridge between the state and business. The state sets the task to develop the economy and the development institution solves it by methods of the business community.

The main conditions for the effective development of Russian innovation market are designated as long and smart money, the development of the institutional environment and the promotion of entrepreneurship idea among start-ups by the leaders of business and political elite. The realization of proposed ideas is possible when the public and private capitals do not compete but cooperate.