General Satellite invests in microchips

General Satellite invests in microchipsRussian manufacturer of microelectronics General Satellite is going to launch a chip manufacturing technology of 45 nm in two months on the basis of GS Nanotech Company, the construction of which has been recently completed. The company plans to reach the production of 1M chips by the end of this year, according to

The director of General Satellite strategic development Konstantin Aksenov said about it at a forum on microelectronics Si-Forum which took place in Kaliningrad.

GS Nanotech production site has been established on the basis of the investment project General Satellite Technopolis GS, which is located in Gusev and includes a plant for the production of digital STBs Digital Television Systems and a manufacturer of STB antennas and towers Prankor.

As a member of General Satellite board of directors Sergey Pimenov reported, GS Nanotech has already received 1.2B RUR, and it is planned to invest a total of 4.2B RUR in the company, and a part of the sum has been provided by a Portuguese manufacturer of microelectronics Nanium, the specialists of which trained GS Nanotech workers.

A designing center to develop chips and manage orders for appropriate chips will be built on the site of GS Nanotech and occupy 3K square meters, Sergei Pimenov noted.

GS Nanotech to produce 14 million chips per year by 2015.