Startobaza invests in a job search application Smart Start

Startobaza invests in a job search application Smart Start Business Angel Startobaza announced its investments in Smart Start - an application for social networks to find a job. The service is focused on students and young professionals who are in search of their first or second job. The amount of investment is not reported. Smart Start has previously received investment from Softline Venture Partners. The total amount of investment in the project is amounted to about $500K.

Thanks to innovative approaches to the development of applications, it has functions that are not typical for the HR market, such as CPA (Cost per action) which is a tool of the advertising market that allows you to pay for specific user actions.

Smart Start app is user friendly, because it offers turnkey solutions for candidates on the basis of their data, making it easier to find a job. The application takes advantage of social networking - the resume is based on the information posted on users’ profile: age, gender, and education. With Smart Start you can post your summary directly on the social network, receive invitations from employers and respond to open positions.

Svetlana Nikiforova, the managing partner of Startobaza, commented on the deal: HR-market is rapidly growing, and Smart Start has found its niche in it - just young professionals and graduates who are ready to build a career and grow. Smart Start will help them to fulfill themselves by offering jobs from largest employers for them, and for companies - to build a team of people who just started their career at their company to become real business professionals.

A deal between Smart Start and Softline VP venture fund was closed in June 2012. Thus, the total investment in the project has amounted to about $500K. Recall that Startobaza and Softline VP announced collaboration in August.

This is a significant event for us, Smart Start will be six months this week, and the investment from Startobaza is the confirmation that we have grown up and going in the right direction. - Alexander Svinin, the CEO of Smart Start says.

Startobaza invests in a job search application Smart Start

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