Digit.ru launches a video project Start-up capital: a matter of tech

Digit.ru launches a video project Start-up capital: a matter of tech Digit.ru publishing house devoted to technologies together with TV channel Rain starts a new video project - a series of programs Start-up capital: a matter of tech dedicated to the high-tech and people interested in it. The program is focused on those who are starting, or just about to start their own business in IT.

The project will become an indispensable guide to the world of business in high technologies. Young startups and established businessmen will share their experiences in the establishment and development of their business and market experts will share important practical information with the audience.

The author and host of the project is a specialist in start-ups, the deputy director of IT-cluster of the innovation center Skolkovo Kate Gaika.

During the first release of the program, the CEO of Kuznech Company Michael Pogrebnyak will talk about the development of images search service, which will help to find the right image among billions of images posted on the Internet. If you decide to use the Internet to find the shoes like your friend has, you should first try to know the brand and model. Then, using a search engine, to find something similar in the network. As a result, you are likely to find nothing. Our program allows you to find the shoes from the photo taken on a mobile phone - he said.

Kuznech has been already used by a number of Russian and foreign companies, including RIA Novosti.