The technologies of Viewdle, acquired by Google, will help to catch criminals

The technologies of Viewdle, acquired by Google, will help to catch criminalsThe technologies of Ukrainian startup Viewdle, which has been acquired by Google, can be used in different ways such as the creation of mobile services to locate people by secret services. This was stated by the director of TA Venture fund Victoria Tigipko at an Internet conference LigaBusinessInform.

The programs of images recognition are the most promising directions in the development of computer technologies and particularly useful in mobile gadgets. Therefore, the leading companies of the segment are involved in research and development - from Apple to Facebook, - Victoria Tigipko said.

According to her, the uniqueness of Viewdle’s technology is that facial and other images recognition does not require huge computing power, and therefore it can be done without sending photos to the cloud that will allow Google to create a number of mobile services for Android, such as identification of friends in the frame even before pressing the shutter button.

According to Victoria Tigipko if intelligence agencies could use such technologies in their activities, then the search for missing people, and the capture of criminals would be greatly accelerated.

Alena Vladimirskaya, the founder of online recruiting agency PRUFFI, who also participated in the online conference, said that with the advent of social networks, many people became more paranoid, and with the advent of the mobile Internet, many people feel that they will be watched through their phones. The positive effect of the use of such systems Alena Vladimirskaya sees in reducing risks of terrorist acts, the threat of pedophilia in the Intenet, and so on.