Skolkovo to determine the criteria to assess its residents

Skolkovo to determine the criteria to assess its residentsInnovation center Skolkovo may determine the criteria to assess the work of its residents till the end of 2012. According to the senior vice president of the fund Aleksey Beltyukov, it is necessary to deprive some companies that do not meet these criteria of Skolkovo resident status.

The debate on this issue was started last week at a regular meeting of the Foundation Board. Many experts believe that the deprivation companies, which violate certain conditions of the innovation center, of their resident status is a normal practice to recovery the innovative environment.

According to Beltyukov, among the reasons for which a company may be expelled from Innograd, is the lack of stated innovation activity, and the possible violation of intellectual rights and property of other individuals.

At present, Skolkovo project includes about 700 small companies.