Apple buys Particle and Color Labs startups

Apple buys Particle and Color Labs startupsApple acquired American company Particle, which specializes in marketing and creating web applications on HTML5. At the same time, Apple is close to buying Color Labs startup which created a visual social network for photos and videos sharing.

Particle, founded in 2008, is need to the Corporation to get the access to its technologies, and in order to build a team of leading developers: Particle experts were previously involved in the development of Tunes Extras and As reported, they will work on improvement of the Web version of iCloud service and iAds advertising platform. However, not all employees agreed to move to a new job. Such opportunity was refused by some engineers and user interface designers.

Startup Color Labs is a geolocation social network for sharing photos and videos. It allows you to tag images to a specific location, share them with people around and view the pictures together in a slide show. Color managed to release two clients - for iPhone and Android-based smartphones.

The preliminary agreement to sell Color is achieved, but the necessary documents haven’t been signed.

Note that Color Labs, which was created by Bill Nguyen, has received $41M in March of this year from big investors such as Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. The program, however, is not so popular so far.