Kaliningrad authorities to build a medical city of 30K people

Kaliningrad authorities to build a medical city of 30K peopleThe concept of a medical city with an oncology center, which Kaliningrad authorities intend to build on the Baltic coast, will be presented in three months.

Dmitry Medvedev offered the governor of the region during his recent visit to Kaliningrad to prepare proposals for the inclusion of the cost of the Cancer Center construction in the budget of 2014.

The construction of a rehabilitation center was suggested. This is not a medical facility. This is a sort of Lithuanian Druskinin or Baden-Baden, like I suggested - the region's governor Nikolai Tsukanov said. - Medvedev announced that the ability for rehabilitation should be also provided in addition to operations. Very mild climate in Kaliningrad region will enable the development of medical tourism. This could attract thousands of tourists here.

The planned oncology center will become a point of attraction in a major project to build a medical campus on the Baltic Sea, which includes sanatoriums and boarding houses. It will be a small settlement of 25-30K people. A working group will be formed soon to develop a clear vision for the project in three months, with the social and economic justification for investors.