RUSNANO to give a grant of 1B RUR to Kaliningrad KenigNanoPlast

RUSNANO to give a grant of 1B RUR to Kaliningrad KenigNanoPlastKaliningrad enterprise KenigNanoPlast that develops hydrocarbon nanofibres, will receive 1B RUR from Rusnano, said the governor of the region Nikolai Tsukanov reported, adding that Anatoly Chubais told him about it at the Open Innovations Forum in Moscow.

As Tsukanov says, the production of KenigNanoPlast (nanocomposite PVC-compound and polymer building materials with reduced flammability based on it) was presented at the forum. Chubais appreciated a great advance of the company and confirmed that one of Kaliningrad companies is guaranteed to receive funding, it's about 1B RUR.

Recall that back in August of this year, Rusnano has identified five branch sites in Kaliningrad region for the location of production, and the work of KenigNanoPlast was noted as well. Chubais called the region promising for the development of nanotechnology in Russia, and a number of Kaliningrad scientists' projects, in his opinion, is a good basis for high-tech businesses. He stressed that Rusnano Corporation is ready to invest as much as needed in viable projects.