FEFU promotes entrepreneurship among its students

FEFU promotes entrepreneurship among its studentsA Center for student initiatives has been opened in the Far Eastern Federal University. The Center is created as part of the Program for the Promotion of Student Associations in FEFU with the support of the Department of Youth Policy of the university. In addition to the creation of necessary infrastructure, the university conducts business training seminars and meetings with representatives of major companies who explain how to commercialize the technology.

19 students of the FEFU took part in the training seminar for project managers to work in the FEFU Center for the promotion of student initiatives. The young people acquired skills of social engineering, which include the ability to turn ideas into projects, analyze them according to given criteria, to plan budget and projects’ implementation. In addition, the training participants learned how to conduct project presentations to engage the target audience and volunteers. The students were able to practice the skills of team working, changing the composition of their working groups according to changing tasks.

This week’s lecture for the university students on how to commercialize science was prepared by the executive director of SwissNanoCoat Holding, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland Sergei Mikhailov. He talked about the promising areas of science, when nanotechnology in basic research becomes a commercial product, for example, bio pharmacy. The outcome of the meeting will be an agreement between the FEFU and SwissNanoCoat Holding on the commercialization of nanotechnologies.

A seminar on Venture Enterprise (the capitalization of innovative ideas) will take place in the FEFU on the 15th of November in conjunction with the ANO Japan Center. Russian business representatives and businessmen from Japan will share their business experience.