Skolkovo intends to introduce new tools to support innovations

Skolkovo intends to introduce new tools to support innovationsIn case the proposals of Skolkovo Industrial Advisory Board (IAB Skolkovo) are supported, the Ombudsman for Investments, the government order for innovations with quotas, a single special state body for investments will appear in Russia.

These proposals were put forward at the third meeting of the IAB, which took place on October, 30 2012 in the Hypercube, the first building of Innograd. As the general director of St. Petersburg EMC Development Center Vyacheslav Nesterov said on the sidelines of the meeting in an interview with, the Industrial Advisory Board which brings together key executives of Fund’s corporate partners, has recently became operational.

More active involvement of the state to meet the challenges of innovation development could also be implemented in the framework of a single state order for innovative products. The state order must have clearly defined quotas for the purchase of innovative products. In addition, in order to stimulate the development of small innovative business, IAB offers to consider the implementation of additional tools in order to increase the possibilities of innovative companies to participate in tenders offered by state agencies.

These and other proposals made at the third meeting of Skolkovo Industrial Advisory Board will require more active participation of state decision-makers in the work of IAB. And it was decided to ask the government to ensure that the officials of the Russian government could participate in future meetings of the IAB in person.