VKontakte launches its advertising network in test mode

VKontakte launches its advertising network in test modeThe largest social network in Russia and CIS started testing its own ad network for third-party sites. The owners of sites can receive income from VKontakte ads on their pages.

Ad unit consists of standard VKontakte pay-per-click ads. The payment is determined through the auction system.

Advertisers will receive all standard VKontakte tools for audience targeting: by socio-demographic characteristics and interests specified in user profiles.

The interaction with websites' owners within the ad network will be done through VKontakte own partner interface, or through partners' third-party service centers.

Authorized partners center - Social Tank - is accepting applications for testing the system.

Only authorized social network visitors will see the advertisements during the first stage of testing. The full opening of the system to all partners will take place within two months.