40 Russian scientists learning to make money in Israeli Skolkovo

40 Russian scientists learning to make money in Israeli Skolkovo40 Russian scientists came to Israeli analogue of Skolkovo for one-week internship at Ariel University on the commercialization of projects in innovative technologies.

According to Vitali Vishnepolsky, one of the leaders of Israel-Skolkovo Gateway, Russian scientists came to Ariel University to get acquainted with the methods of innovative technologies commercialization. They have already visited Haifa Technion and Tel Aviv University, as well as a closed seminar organized within the International Entrepreneurship Week.

Russian colleagues from Skolkovo are very interested in ensuring that their scientists in Israel have learned how to monetize their inventions. The head of Skolkovo Viktor Vekselberg said much about it when visited Israel year and a half ago.

In addition, Russian scientists met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, who agreed to discuss bilateral cooperation in science.