Forbes names the most highly paid top managers of Russia

Forbes names the most highly paid top managers of RussiaTop 25 most highly paid CEOs of Russian companies according to Forbes magazine is headed by the chairman of the Board of VTB Group Andrey Kostin. Analysts say that Costin earns a total of $30M a year. However, the representatives of VTB call this number unreasonable and were quick to refute the information of the magazine.

Recall that, according to Forbes, the total remuneration of VTB top managers last year reached $194M.

But VTB say that the data is absolutely not true: Not transparent calculation methods of the experts made the magazine stand on the shaky ground of conjectures and assumptions. We could say that this figure presents pure fiction. According to the report of the emitter for 2011, all of VTB Bank leadership headed by Costin received almost 608M RUR, - the representative of the state bank told Prime agency.

We would also note that the second place in this ranking goes to the CEO of Gazprom Alexey Miller with $25M of remuneration. The head of Rosneft Igor Sechin earns just as much as Miller, the magazine says. The fourth place goes to the head of Sberbank German Gref, with $15M of income. The fifth place goes to the chairman of Bank of Moscow board Mikhail Kuzovlev with annual compensation of $15M.