RVC and Medialaboratory of RIA Novosti launch a project on the future

RVC and Medialaboratory of RIA Novosti launch a project on the future The presentation of a new research project FUTUREVIEW launched by the Medialaboratory of RIA Novosti with the support of RVC will take place on November, 26 at 13:00, IMPC of RIA Novosti. FUTUREVIEW allows you to predict the future, to see the connections between different areas and industries in different periods of time up to 2100.

FUTUREVIEW is an attempt to create a system of thematic and time search in the future as it is described in the research literature (foresights and projections). The service is available at www.futureview.info and www.futureview.ru in English and Russian.

FUTUREVIEW will be interesting to students since the prediction of the future determines their activities after graduation, as well as to people trying to create a technology business for the long term development, - the head of RIA Novosti Medialaboratory Vasily Gatow said.

The content of FUTUREVIEW currently consists of more than hundreds of indexed documents (the number is growing daily) that, according to the corporation, predict the future of cities and states. Documents are processed in a special way, indexed and logically related.
FUTUREVIEW project combines three interrelated elements: text description, logical links and game interface. The key objective of the project is the promotion of foresights, the documents of the long-term vision and planning, futuristic concepts and structural thinking.

Evgeny Kuznetsov, the Director of promoting innovations and social programs, a member of the Board of JSC RVC says: The prediction of development is the most difficult type of activity that is required for successful investments and planning the development of companies. It requires great open-mindedness and understanding of the details, how technologies change in various fields.

Not only the authors of FUTUREVIEW, but the authors of predictions, including very unexpected ones, will share their visions of the future on November, 26 at an event devoted to the launch of the project.