Media contest for the best coverage of innovations in Russia

Media contest for the best coverage of innovations in RussiaThe start of the third All-Russian competition for the media Innovations in Russia through the eyes of journalists-2013, which is carried out in order to facilitate the establishment of innovative economy in Russia and promote the development of technological entrepreneurship, was announced on November 21, 2012 at a press conference at RIA Novosti.

National Competition Innovations in Russia through the eyes of journalists was established in the autumn of 2010 by JSC RVC. Today, the competition is not only a mechanism for innovation journalism stimulating, it has also demonstrated that journalism in innovation does exist in Russia.

Igor Rubenovich Agamirzian, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of JSC RVC, the Chairman of the competition's Board of Trustees: The promotion of this subject has become one of RVC's priorities. Innovation Journalism Competition helps to solve important problems of innovative development, because the success of our work depends, among other things, on professional and timely information to all participants of the innovation process.

The jury of the contest is headed by Vsevolod Leonidovich Bogdanov for the second year in a row, who is the chairman of Russian Union of Journalists: The journalism must be honest, this profession requires talent and openness. The subject of journalists' work is, above all, the human personality. And we should make professionals famous regardless of what kind of work they do.

The competition invites professional journalists (staff and non-staff), and registered central and regional media - TV channels, radio, printed media with varying periodicity of publication, including college media, Internet TV and the Internet media as well as bloggers covering innovations in Russia.

Works published or broadcasted in the period from the 20th of March, 2012 to the 31th of March, 2013 can take part in the competition. The acceptance of applications will end on the 31th of March, 2013.

The prize fund of the competition is 1.3M RUR.

Winners that took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be announced in 10 major and 4 specialized categories according to the results of the competition. The winners will receive cash prizes and memorable awards during the solemn ceremony.