St. Petersburg Pre-seed Investment Fund to consider new investment projects

St. Petersburg Pre-seed Investment Fund to consider new investment projectsA meeting of the Investment Committee of the IV Pre-seed Investment Fund will take place within Web Ready Investment Forum on November 30, 2012 in St. Petersburg and will consider the applications from three investment projects: a hotel management system, a technology of fire-retardants, the development and manufacturing of digital electronics.

Non-profit organization Pre-seed Investment Fund was created as part of the resolution of the St. Petersburg Government in order to ensure the support and development of small innovative businesses at the early stage of development. Three more projects will be presented to the experts of the Fund within Web Ready forum. The projects are:

1. Ertek, LLC - a system of hotel enterprise management with improved functionality.

The aim of the project is to create an automated system of a new generation for the management of hotel enterprise.

2. Techno-Service, LLC - a technology of fire-retardants based on modified aluminum hydroxides.

The product of the project is fire-retardant based on aluminum hydroxides of varying hydration modified with fatty acid nanofilms based on aqueous suspension technology.

3. Inter-Invest-Device, LLC – the development and production of digital electronics for UPS.

The product of the project is to measure the volumetric flow rate and accounting the consumption of liquids and gases, including aggressive, in systems of different industrial branches.