DST and Mail.ru Group managers launch a new microfinance service

DST and Mail.ru Group managers launch a new microfinance service Former manager of DST and Mail.ru Group Stanislav Savelyev have launched a service called Plati Potom, which allows you to use online services or buy virtual goods and pay later. You can buy on credit after specifying your social network profile. The system is able to recognize fake profiles or false information about a person.

The service was launched in February 2013, and installed its button only on Zzima.com gaming portal owned by online games developer Nival. The payment service has already been used by thousands of people since that time, despite the fact that about 50% of credit applications were rejected by the system.

There will be a dozen such sites during the coming months, Saveliev believes. The system analyzes profiles on the following social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or LinkedIn. Deferment of payment is available in three clicks.

The project plans to receive income from commissions provided by websites after debt collection, as well as from interest for overdue debts. Payment deferral is available for a maximum of 30 days, the interest is charged from the eighth day.

According to Saveliev, the initial investment in the project totals hundreds of thousands of dollars. No specific figures disclosed.