Belgian IMEC and Troitsk nanocenter to create a joint R&D Center

Belgian IMEC and Troitsk nanocenter to create a joint R&D CenterA contract to develop the concept of a new R&D center in Troitsk was signed during a visit of Belgian IMEC’s management in Troitsk nanocenter TechnoSpark. This was announced at a press conference on April 17, 2013 at Moscow Innovation Development Centre.

Working group members plan to introduce the concept of the new Center in August, 2013. The joint working group will develop a concept of creation and work of the Center during the first stage period from 2013 to 2015. It will develop a business model of the Center, determine the volume of necessary investments, structure first pilot projects in cooperation with IMEC and its industry partners.

IMEC is an interface for the global business to set tasks to developers. We are able to see the challenges and business problems, translate them into the language of developers, and find the best performers. Our network includes a variety of research laboratories and specialists in 72 countries, and we are confident that Russia can become a part of this network, - Ludo Deferm says, the executive vice president of business development at IMEC (Belgium).

The Executive Director of Nuclear Technology Cluster of the Skolkovo Fund Denis Kavalevich noted that the key principle of IMEC is openness which makes the cooperation with the research center attractive for the Russian side. According to him, the creation of Troitsk Center for Development and Application of New Electronics will become an important element for the development of this area in Russia.

This collaboration with the Belgians is an important step in the international cooperation for Russian scientists and developers who are able to get involved in solving tasks of the international R&D market on a par with Western scientists for companies such as Intel, Samsung, Philips, etc., - Denis Kavalevich says, the supervisor of the project from the Russian side.

We have high hopes for Russian developers and rely on their historically strong competence in plasma, laser and radiation technologies for microelectronics. We saw examples of completed projects in new ophthalmic lasers and sources of extreme ultraviolet radiation in Troitsk, and we are very impressed with the development level. - Roger De Keersmaecker said summing up the event, the senior vice president of strategic relations at IMEC (Belgium).