Mail.Ru Group's revenue for Q1 2013 increases to 6.254B RUR

Mail.Ru Group's revenue for Q1 2013 increases to 6.254B RURThe sales of Mail.Ru Group company in the first quarter of 2013 amounted to 6.254B RUR, which is 29.4% more than in the previous year, the financial report of the company says.

Audited net profit of Mail.Ru Group for 2012 amounted to 8,552B RUR, the unaudited net profit was 8.499B RUR. Audited revenue and EBITDA of Mail.Ru Group for 2012 amounted to 21,151B RUR and 11,535B RUR respectively. The company previously announced its unaudited revenues of 21,151B RUR and unaudited EBITDA of $11,534B RUR.

Social services (Sommunity IVAS) brought Mail.Ru Group company a total of 2,259B RUR in revenue for the reporting period showing an increase of 29.4%. In addition, the company’s main sources of income are banner advertising - 1.078B RUR in Q1 (5.4% increase) and online games - 1.535B RUR (41.5% increase). The company's revenue from contextual advertising amounted to 736M RUR, showing the highest growth (47.9%) compared to the other segments.

Monthly audience of Mail.Ru portal (TNS Russia, the population aged 12-54, cities with over 100,000 people) reached 34.7M Russian users in March 2013. Daily audience of Odnoklassniki social network (OK) reached 39.3M users in March 2013 (LiveInternet).

Despite continuing uncertainty regarding global economic prospects, the market situation remains favorable and the fundamental prerequisites for the growth of our business remain intact, - Dmitry Grishin, the chairman and co-founder of Mail.Ru Group says. - We confirm our growth forecast for the total segment revenue in the current year by 25-28% compared to the previous year.