Russians lose money on the Internet more often than others

Russians lose money on the Internet more often than othersAccording to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, about 20% of the Internet users in Russia have repeatedly become victims of cyber criminals and lost money when banking and shopping online. As much as 8% of users face identity theft or credit card fraud 1 or 2 times a year.

The popularity of online banking and online shopping systems is growing day after day. An increase in online cash flows naturally raises the interest of cyber criminals, - Sergey Novikov says, the head of Russian research center Kaspersky Lab. – The fact the Internet users in Russia lose their money online more often than in other countries, indicates the activity of Russians in conducting financial transactions online and their carefree attitude towards special protective tools when entering confidential details of their bank cards or eWallets. At the same time, the use of special protective technologies, such as Secure Payment, would allow the user to minimize the risk of confidential financial information theft by cyber criminals.

The Secure Payment option in updated Kaspersky CRYSTAL solution provides the security of any financial transactions on the Internet by means of three key components. Thus, the solution includes a database of trusted Internet addresses of payment and banking systems, which ensures that web resource you visit is legitimate and not falsified by hackers. The Secure Payment technology also provides a certificate validation service to confirm the authenticity of a server which a bank or payment website connects to. Finally, along with the authentication of web resources, the protection system scans your computer for vulnerabilities affecting online banking security. For even higher level of security, this module ensures Data protection entered using hardware keyboard, which eliminates personal data interception by keyloggers.

Such integrated approach to the protection of e-payments in conjunction with a comprehensive anti-virus protection provided by Kaspersky CRYSTAL solution, allows you to create a secure environment for any financial transactions online.