Viktor Vekselberg to fund a new IT project of Bekmambetov

Viktor Vekselberg to fund a new IT project of BekmambetovMaxfield Capital Management Fund, whose anchor investor is Skolkovo President Viktor Vekselberg, will invest in a new IT project of known director Timur Bekmambetov. Bekmambetov and the Fund signed an agreement of intent. Alexander Turkot, the manager of Maxfield and former head of Skolkovo IT Cluster, reported it to Izvestia newspaper.

Timur Bekmambetov is the 100 percent beneficiary of Bazelevs Innovation Company appeared in Russia in December 2010. His company received a 156M RUR grant from Skolkovo, and, as agreed with the Innograd, the recipients added the same amount of money. The main development of Bazelevs Innovation is The Film language technology, which helps to convert text to animation.

The Film language is based on three technologies. The first technology analyses the screenplay and converts it in a special script similar to programming language. The second component is behavior. It allows to explain virtual actors what they need to do. The third component is imaging, three-dimensional models, three-dimensional scenery, etc.

The new company will be established in Russia by Maxfield Capital Fund and Bazelevs Innovation Company. Alexander Turkot does not disclose any details of equity participation and investment in the project.

Maxfield Capital Management Fund is based on funds of three investors (one of them is Viktor Vekselberg, two others are unknown). The total amount of money in the Fund should reach $100M in one year and a half. According to Turkot, the minimum investment in one project is $1-1.5M.