Forbes provides its list of the Top 100 VC 2012

Forbes provides its list of the Top 100 VC 2012American magazine Forbes has published its Midas List - an annual ranking of Top 100 most successful VCs in the world. The only representative of Russia Yuri Milner dropped from the 29th place to the 35th.

Facebook’s IPO had a huge impact on the Midas List in 2012. Investors were very interested in the shares of the social network despite the skepticism of many experts regarding its IPO, which allowed a number of Facebook investors to take first places in the ranking.

Jim Breyer from Accel Partners traditionally takes the first place in the ranking. He became the leader due to his $12.7M opportunely invested in the company of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Now Accel Partners owns an 11% stake in Facebook, the second largest share after Mark’s share.

Besides him, the Top 10 includes 4 early investors of Facebook: one of the Andreessen Horowitz’s founders Marc Andreessen (#2 second year in a row), Peter Thiel (#3), Reid Hoffman (#4) and David Sze (#10).

However, not only Facebook’s IPO influenced the Midas ranking. A clear upward trend of the last year was the interest of large corporations in big data, security, virtualization, wireless technologies, IT management and cloud computing.

A number of companies that offered solutions in these areas, namely: Workday, ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks, Ruckus Wireless and Splunk, conducted their IPOs with a capitalization of more than $1B, which brought their investors to the Top of the ranking.