Spinverse and Skolkovo to look for new materials and ecotechnologies

Spinverse and Skolkovo to look for new materials and ecotechnologiesThe Skolkovo Foundation and Spinverse Company reached an agreement on partnership in Startup Village. The company will join the jury in two sessions: clean technologies and advanced materials. Spinverse will provide commercialization services to the amount of $2M as a prize.

Spinverse’s CEO Pekka Koponen: Our connections with the Fund have reached a new level since the beginning of this cooperation. Together, we will create a platform based on Spinverse’s connections, technologies and experience to bring startups to the international level. We hope to see excellent presentations based on real technological breakthroughs, and teams that are ready and willing to enter the global market.

Spinverse specializes in the commercialization of new technologies and is actively involved in the Russian and European innovation ecosystem.