Roskosmos intends to strengthen cooperation with Skolkovo

Roskosmos intends to strengthen cooperation with SkolkovoRoskosmos intends to strengthen its cooperation with Skolkovo and has already submitted a list of technologies for introduction to the corresponding cluster, the deputy head of Roscosmos Sergey Saveliev announced at the opening of Startup Village conference in Skolkovo.

According to him, only seven companies in the space industry actively cooperate with non-state companies, which is obviously not enough. Saveliev said that Roskosmos, in particular, intends to enhance the cooperation with Skolkovo.

The deputy head of the ministry added that the volume of attracted extra-budgetary funds for the implementation of space programmes until 2015 amounted to 14.7% of the total investment.

However, it is not private funds, but funds from the profits of the main space industry enterprises. They are spent, in particular, on communication spacecrafts of Express series, satellites Yamal and Arctic programme, - the deputy head of Roscosmos says.

Unfortunately, there is still a normative gap in the cooperation of Roskosmos and non-state companies. A bill on the regulation of private-public partnership prepared with our active participation will help to bridge the gap. The bill has already passed the first hearing, and the second reading is scheduled for June 10, - the Deputy Minister concluded.