Skolkovo is interested in creating Russia’s business community

Skolkovo is interested in creating Russia’s business community The participants of the first international conference of startup companies and investors Startup Village held on May 27, 2013 discussed prospects for creating a business community in Russia.

The discussion started with a speech by the Advisor to the Skolkovo Fund President Pekka Viljakainen. He welcomed the Startup Village participants and noted that the main idea and value of the event was to create strong links between investors, startups and existing businesses.

The discussion participants, including foreign experts, tried to figure out what was needed to form an adequate business community in Russia and whether it was possible to use foreign experience in the country.

The managing director of Startup Sauna Foundation Miki Kuusi gave startup developers some useful recommendations. Three to five people is enough to create a startup - Miki Kuusi said. - The main thing is that you build a good, solid team. According to him, money is not so important when set up your business. It is enough to share information and learn from mistakes.

Is it important to have a diploma of education to become an entrepreneur? My mom is 72 and she can do it! - Pekka Viljakainen says. He notes that the main thing is an idea, desire and courage. People are the thing that matters: Don`t need person - you firing, need another person - you hiring. This confirms the importance of a good team. You should not be afraid of looking for the right person and sharing your experiences.

A good example of establishing your own business was given in a speech of Peter Vesterbacka, the co-founder of Rovio Mobile and creator of Angry Birds. Answering Pekka Viljakainen’s question why he was spending so much time on the development of the app (he made about 50 attempts), Peter Vesterbacka said: Personal interest and commitment! Share more information and do not keep your idea to yourself!

The participants also discussed positive changes occurred in the IT industry over recent years. We are united in Skolkovo - join us! - this was Pekka Viljakainen’s final, and perhaps key idea about Startup Village.