Runa Capital invests $3M in a mobile game developer Playtox

Runa Capital invests $3M in a mobile game developer PlaytoxRussian company Playtox, a developer of browser games, has raised $3M from Runa Capital Venture Company in exchange for a minority stake. As we know, this is the first investment of Runa in a game project.

Playtox’s key market is Russia and the CIS countries, where, according to the company, it has 25M registered users including about 1M active players per month. A representative of Runa Capital reports that Playtox is a profitable company with a significant turnover. In its effort to expand the business, the game developer conducted test runs of its products in developing countries: Brazil, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and other countries, and the investor considered the results as successful.

It is the first investment in the Novosibirsk developer’s history since its establishment in 2010. Playtox company previously conducted test launches of its games in the above-mentioned countries, and they quickly began producing profits. Runa Capital’s investment will allow the company to conduct a full-scale expansion on the gaming market of these countries, - the PR-director of Runa Capital Maria Drokova says.

All Playtox’s games are free (based on freemium-model) and available through a mobile phone browser. The product line includes ten massive multiplayer (MMO) games.

$3M is Runa Capital’s traditional amount of investment. It will be spent on the international expansion of online games and the development of new products adapted to run on HTML5.