Bill Gates invests $35M in the open science development

Bill Gates invests $35M in the open science development Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Company, has invested $35M in ResearchGate startup, which is a social platform for collaboration on research and developments. The service allows researchers to discover their achievements to the public and form communities for further research on the topic.

MD Ijad Madisch founded ResearchGate in 2008. He became disillusioned with traditional forms of interaction between scientists when wrote his thesis, and decided to change the situation launching a social service to allow researchers to work on their theses similar to the way programmers work on open source software.

The web platform created by Madisch gives scientists the opportunity to spread both ready scientific publications and raw experimental data in public access to be analyzed and processed. The project participants can together discuss scientific issues, find colleagues working in the same field and form groups for collaboration.

We want to become the open science leaders by analogy with open source software - Madisch describes his startup aiming to change scientists’ idea of the scientific research activity.