Russian online game market shows 2.4-fold increase in two years

Russian online game market shows 2.4-fold increase in two yearsThe turnover of Russia’s online game market, which includes multiplayer, social, mobile and casual games, increased 2.4 times in the period from 2010 to 2012 totaling $0.9B, according to a study of the Gaming industry in Russia conducted by Mail.Ru Group.

The total volume of the PC gaming market totaled $1.3B in 2012, growing by half in two years. However, while the share of offline games in 2010 (computer and console video games) was 60% of the revenue, the sales dropped by 12% to $485M in the past year, and their share in the revenue structure of the market was estimated at 36%.

The share of MMO games in the turnover of online games market decreased from 64% in 2010 to 47% in 2012, while the share of social games increased from 23% to 41% over the same period. According to, on average, users are ready to spend 464RUR a month on social games, and 5% of users spend more than 3K RUR.

The share of casual games (card games, puzzles, etc.) decreased from 8% to 1%, and the share of mobile games increased from 5% to 11%. The spread of smartphones has contributed to the growth in mobile game sales in Russia up to $99M. The most popular platform among smartphone and tablet gamers is Android, the share of iOS is less than half. Console games dominated PC games in the offline gaming segment ($276M and $209M respectively).

About 75% of PC game users are ready to buy games, and about 60% of them are ready to purchase in-game content, the study of says.