MTT Group invests 50M RUR in Frolik family service development

MTT Group invests 50M RUR in Frolik family service developmentMTT Group has invested 50M RUR in the development of a family service Frolik. Frolik is a service for children's development through games, content and educational methods. Parents using the service will be able to analyze the child's activity in the digital world, learn about their achievements.

Frolik was developed by Digitalprom Company controlled by the former Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman and included in MTT Group. The General Director of Digitalprom Stanislav Borisov says that the idea to create Frolik came when he realized that the search for children's games and mobile apps takes too much time.

My three-year-old daughter does use her tablet to watch video and play games. I found myself in a situation when, being a conscious father, I have to spend a lot of time searching for content in mobile stores to her. - Stanislav Borisov says.

The service will include a cloud platform for Android devices, as well as its own and third party content and developing techniques. The platform of the service is based on an open API.

The main investor of the project is MTT Group (Interregional Transit Telecom controlled by the former Russian telecommunications minister Leonid Reiman). According to the company’s representative Denis Borushevsky, the project has raised a total of 50M RUR since its launch. Frolik will be available for free in July on Google Play.