The Ministry of Communications to support Russian IT industry

The Ministry of Communications to support Russian IT industryAccording to the recently published development plan of the Ministry of Communications for 2013-2018, one of its priorities will be supporting Russian IT industry, which average growth rate should be three times higher than the average annual GDP dynamics. In other words, the growth dynamics of the IT industry should be 3-21% or more for these years.

According to IDC, Russian IT industry revenues in 2012 grew by only 3.8%. The country's GDP increased almost at the same rate - 3.4% - in the past year. However, IDC considers mainly the sale of equipment, while the Ministry of Communications defines the IT market as the production and export of software, services, hardware and software systems with a high added value, the firm’s representative Dmitry Zakharov explains. According to various estimates, the market shows 8-12% growth per year, so the task is not just to ensure its rapid growth, but also to maintain current dynamics, he says.

There is still no single systematic approach to the development of the IT industry across the state, according to the Ministry of Communications’ activity plan. Such approach, according to the ministry, should be developed given the decisive role of the IT industry in the economic development of the country: it contributes to the labor productivity growth and can increase Russia’s competitiveness in the world.

The Ministry of Communications plans not only to amend the legislation, but also to develop the human potential of the industry, and facilitate the flow of venture investments in the IT industry through Rosinfocominvest Fund.