RBTH and Ward Howell set up a joint special project "30 Under 30"

RBTH and Ward Howell set up a joint special project "30 Under 30" In September, 30 2013 a conjoint with Ward Howell international project of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Russia Beyond the Headlines will name names of 30 successful Russian entrepreneurs under 30 years old within the framework of the special project "30 Under 30".
These are new persons of Russian management, businessmen, and innovators. They are full of energy, have lots of zing and solicitous to have a bearing upon the future of themselves and the country they live in.
Up to September, 1 young businessmen may send an application and get a chance to tell about themselves to 32 million readers of Russia Beyond The Headlines from different countries.

Candidates, dignified to get shortlisted, will be sorted out by the expert jury:

- Igor Balk, managing partner of Global Innovation Labs;
- Sergey Nedoroslev, Board Chairman of managing company Kaskol, LLC.;
- Stanislav Shekshnia, managing partner of Ward Howell professor INSEAD;
- Vadim Asadov, CEO and founder of “NeurOK”, LLC.
- Eugene Abov, chief of Russia Beyond the Headlines;
- Vadim Dymov, founder of companies "Dymovskoe sausage production” Ltd.

Accomplished Russian businessmen and managers, affluent business-players will appraise success and facilities of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Shortlisting the candidates, jury will practice methodology, developed by Ward Howell – the leading company in the area of consulting and top-managers searching on the territory of CIS and Eastern Europe, with the support of RBTH. The key factors in estimating will become professional and personal characteristics of entrepreneurs and significancy of their activity for Russian and International business community.

The project "30 Under 30" is the promotion of the most outstanding and perspective representatives of Russian business. Fill in the requisition form to take part by yourself or to recommend the appropriate candidate: http://rbth.ru/30under30/announce
Together we will tell the world about the entrepreneurism`s role and level in our country.

Users of RBTH application for iPad can get oneself familiar with a shortlist first – a shortlist for them will become accessible 5 days before statutory announcement. In September, 30 it will be announced on a Multilanguage site www.rbth.ru and in printing applications RBTH for such leading international mass media, as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, La Repubblica and others.

For the special project`s presentation it is planned to issue a special catalogue with profiles of entrepreneurs in printed and digital formats. Sponsors and advertisers are invited to take part in issuing a catalogue.