The Grishin Robotics Fund invested $300K in nano satellites

The Grishin Robotics Fund invested $300K in nano satellitesAmerican manufacturer of nano satellites NanoSatisfi received $300K from investment company Grishin Robotics, founded by Dmitry Grishin, co-founder and director general of Mail.Ru Group. Attracted funds will be directed to new nano satellites creation and engineers team widening. At the moment two satellites have already been constructed and will be launched into outer space during several months.

Nano satellites are much less than traditional satellites are; each nano satellite weights less than 2 kilograms, and its size is 10 cubic centimeters. Using through standard CubeSat, the process nano satellite creation is more fast and cheaper. Low price of manufacture and launch allows launching new satellites every two years, constantly increasing total computation power of orbit group.

In 2014 the company plans to provide an access to its satellites for more than 25 thousands of people via web-service. Working with satellite will cost $250 per week. According to developers, nano satellites will play an important role in solving a range of critical problems for humanity soon, such as weather forecasting, monitoring and optimization of agriculture, disaster management and many others.

The company supports an ideology of open-source and shares detail specifications of most instrumental and program development with society. Opened API platforms, on which nano satellites work, will allow developers to create applications for satellites management. Web-platform conceals difficulties of space technologies work, thanks to which own experiments in the space will manage to carry out not only scientists, but also students and even children.