The founder of Verysell joined a work in RVC for learning how to invest

The founder of Verysell joined a work in RVC for learning how to investMikhail Krasnov, who announced more than one year ago about his leave from presidency of Group of companies Verysell, became a senior adviser in Russian Venture Company (RVC).

Previously the founder of one of the latest Russian IT-companies intended to create a business combination of a seed fund and laboratories on commercialization of already created technological products.

“The idea of the fund is alive but my elder son Petr and I (with whom we are planning to create a fund Merisel), considering more than dozens of offers, decided that we do not have enough experience of investment in technological companies, - explained he in interview to CNews Mr.Krasnov. – We have to gain experience before we will risk money”.

It is never too late to learn, believes a founder of Verysell: “For this purpose I joined a work in RVC, and Petr became a financial director in Sweden financial company, which manages investments, including in t echnologies business”.

The name Merisel, which will get Mr.Krasnov`s fund, is taken from his first IT-company, which has been established in 1990 with capital attraction of cognominal American distributor. Later namely this organization has been renamed in Verysell.

Postponing launch of his own fund, Mikhail Krasnov became a senior adviser in RVC.

Noting, that now he acts only as a group shareholder, Mr.Krasnov said that nowadays the companies of a group Verysell are managed by directors general, who make reports directly to shareholders: “It is now unknown whether a new president of the group is appointed or not”.

After his announcement about his retirement, it was not excluded that shareholders will offer the presidency to his elder son Pert Krasnov, who has been working in it as a financial director. However, this “hereditary transmission” has not been occurred, and he left the company.