Runa Capital invested in American вложился в американский recruiting service

Runa Capital invested in American вложился в американский recruiting serviceVenturocket website attracted $700K series A funds from a group of investors, the round headed by the investment Fund Runa Capital, sais
In the round took part also Venture Fund Talent Equity Ventures and co-founder and director general of a company AnchorFree Gorodyansky.

The service Venturocket, which has started its work two years ago, offers a bit different from a traditional approach to search employer or executer. There are no resumes on the site, office-seekers just specify their experience and knowledge that enter the so called tags cloud and are indexed for search.

Due to these tags takes place candidates’ selections on interview. The employer does not have to review lost of resumes, searching for people with required experience – it is easy to find them via tags on the website search, who are relevant to required competence. This is why the service is informally called “a resume killer”.

Office-seekers`s data and employers` announcements are published on the site absolutely free. Payment is made the contact between headhunter and applicant, from both sides.

It also guarantees a serious attitude from both sides to each other’s search: no one will publish untruthful data about its skills in order not to pay in advance for interview.

Correspondingly, employees carefully select a candidate, not collecting indirect interesting candidates for interview by the principal “perhaps he knows, perhaps he can”.

Both private individuals and companies at various development stages are able to publish their data on the site. At the moment more than 600 companies are presented on the field.

Attracted funds the Venturocket is intended to direct on platform widening and its product promotion on recruiting market.