Bioprocess Capital Ventures invests in the project Axion – Rare and Noble Met

Bioprocess Capital Ventures invests in the project Axion – Rare and Noble MetThe Fund “Bioprocess Capital Ventures”, created in assistance of RVC capital, announces about financing of the project Rare and Noble Metals. Investments will be directed on creation of pilot lot for production experiments and development of technological mode of ion-exchange materials AXION realization.
In September, 2011 CJCS ARNM received a status of a resident of the nuclear cluster of Innovation center Skolkovo, and in December, 2011 – approval on grant financing receiving from Skolkovo Fund in amount of 28,9M RUB.

The AXION Company was founded in 2012 and is a portfolio company of venture fund Bioprocess Capital Ventures. The company develops and implements technologies for production establishment of domestic ion-exchange materials with adaptive selectiveness (adjustable selectivity).

The technology, developed by AXION, gives an opportunity of significant increase of raw material processing effectiveness that contains rare metals. Technologies that are used nowadays for this purpose are not productive enough, which results in multiple staging, resource- and energy capacity of manufactures, and also in formation and accumulation of technogenic waste. Developed by ARNM material AXION represents ion-exchange polymer, which allows with a high level of selectiveness concentrating ions of directed metal (uranium, thorium, indium, rare-earth metals, scandium, cesium, lithium) from complex solutions.

Features of the created material make it actual in many spheres, particular in nuclear technologies. It became one of the reasons, by which a managing company Bioprocess Capital Partners invested in ARNM.

“We believe that this is a very perspective technology. Today we consider it to a considerable extent relating to atomic energetic, and in this sense this is the first projects of RVC in the sphere of nuclear energy technologies. But the usage area of the ARNM development is wide enough, which allows us hoping on return and accruement on investments in this project. We are planning active promotion of AXION materials both on Russian and international markets”, - says Vladimir Tezov, director general of managing company Bioprocess Capital Partners”.

Appearance on the market of ion-exchange materials with adaptive selectiveness will give the opportunity of a significant decrease of receivable metal net cost. Besides, it will contribute to realization of a rational use of natural resources concept, because losses of metals in production cycles will be significantly decreased, there will be created conditions for waste amount decrease and processing of existing residual and waste pile.