Yandex launches Islands

Yandex launches IslandsYandex launched a beta-version of Islands. This is a platform with new interface and interactive answers, which simplify tasks solutions. Now it is possible to start Island from Yandex search – for example, if it is necessary to buy a ticket on train or airplane, or to know tracing of the dispatch.

On May we announced a concept of Islands. The mission of the application is to positively inspire people to work with sites in results of a search. This is a concept, in which we create a platform, and sites owner fill it with content, - says Chief of the project Taras Sharov. – Today we make the next step and launch a beta-version of Islands with first interactive answers. Step by step we will increase its quantity, adding to a search only really useful Islands”.

Islands` concept is realized in a new interface. Its main features are: ability to change depending on demand, and a new block return. Thus, in navigation menu will appear only those services of Yandex, which have an answer on existing question. And blocks can contain various information: text, video, pictures, interactive forms. In order users could easily find the required information, Yandex classifies blocks of the same type.

On a new Island interface has already been launched in a search, pictures, video, and on the main Yandex page. Gradually all other services will change over it. Yandex develops Islands at once on all devices – PCs, tabs and Smartphones. It will allow people using a new Yandex on every device and deciding their tasks more quickly.

Islands are available for users from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.