The Fund “Technopark of Academgorodok” assumed the results of 2012

The Fund “Technopark of Academgorodok” assumed the results of 2012In the Academy Park there has been conducted a session of Meeting of Shareholders and the Supervisory board of the Technopark of the Academgorodok. As a result of the meeting there has been confirmed the annual report on the Fund activity for the year 2012, and also selected the President of the Fund in connection of expiration of the term of office.

One of the main directions of the Fund Technopark of Academgorodok” activity is organizing and effective functionality of software infrastructure of the Scientific-technology Park of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok: creation and support of starting innovation companies-residents, effective interaction with the Technopark structures, business incubators and institutions of development of innovative business in the country and abroad. The other important task, which was noted by executive director of the Fund Aleksey Logvinsky, is establishment of a comfortable atmosphere for professionals` communication and forming the expert-mentor society.

In 2012 there has been created the IT-incubator in the Technopark, which in association with instrument-making incubator started work on rendering services to residents. The first 7 graduated at the moment are rightful residents of the Academy Park. Management of the Fund noted increasing growth of demand on starting entrepreneurs for the places in instrument-making incubator: for the first quarter of 2013 the amount of profile project teams increased twice as compared with the end of last year. Now there is conducted the interaction organization with the incubator of biotechnological direction “Biostart”.
One more important activity direction of the Fund is various events conduction. For the last year the Academy Park exhibitions have been visited by 3500 people, including representatives of more than 10 foreign countries and official delegations of federal and regional scale, top public officials Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

Within the limits of conditions creation for new high-tech businesses generation, and formation of young entrepreneurs and experts society, there have been conducted Winter and Summer Schools of the Academy Park 2012. Almost half of companies, being former or current residents of the business-incubator are graduates of these Schools, which is a factor of high efficiency of the project.

In the course of the Fund activity results discussion there has been noted an actual task on attraction of large “anchored” companies to become residents of the Academy Park. One more direction of the further work noted Vasily Yurchenko:
“It is very important to widen interaction with Institutions of High Education of the Novosibirsk. We have long ago formulated this task, and now it is necessary to develop particular activity plan in accordance with this task, focused on attraction of high potential of Instituted for innovation atmosphere development”.

At the end of the meeting academician Renad Sagdeev has been unanimously selected to become a President of the Fund for the second period.