ROSNANO requests просит law enforcement officials to examine the work of the

ROSNANO requests просит law enforcement officials to examine the work of the Rosnano, OJSC addressed to law enforcement officials with the aim of executing examine of the work of the “Sun Innovations”, CJSC (one of the shareholders of which the Rosnano is) during the period of the Company`s managing by its major shareholder and former director general Vladislav Mirchev, who has initially been removed from this post lawfully, - according to distributed recently application by Rosnano.

Several days ago the Novosibirsk mass media received an application copy, recently directed by Mr.Mirchev to the President of Russian Federation, his plenipotentiary representative in Siberian Federal Disrtict, and deputy Procurator General of Russian Federation in Siberian Federal Disrtict. In this document Mr.Mirchev, in particular, states that in 2012 shareholders of the “Sun Innovations” have removed him from the post of director general, notes Rosnano.

“This application is in opposition to the facts. In accordance to the protocol of the Meeting of The Board of Directors of the “Sun Innovations”, CJSC dated December 13, 2011, all its members, including Mr.Mirchev himself, unanimously voted for the director general remove. The reason of such decision became ineffective management of the project”, - sais in the application of Rosnano.

Besides, the statement about “collapse of the managing company “Sun Innovations” by the management of Rosnano disagrees with facts, notes the nanotechnology company. “Top-management the “Innovations SUN” continued its work with a new director working, and left the company only in September, 2012, when there became known results of the audit, initiated by Rosnano. The examination found out ineffective use of investment funds”, - explains Rosnano.

In particular, Vladislav Mirchev confirmed Regulation on “golden parachutes” for top-management of the Company bypassing the Board of Directors` confirmation”, - said in the application of Rosnano. It is noted in it that “the amount of salary for management of the Company exceeded Labor compensation Fund of the service center almost three times, of the production – 2,5 times, scientific-research subdivision – 5 times”.

For indemnity the Rosnano and the Sun Innovations initiated a claim in arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region for the total amount of 23,5M RUB.