Russian-Kazakhstani Fund of nanotechnologies made its first deal

Russian-Kazakhstani Fund of nanotechnologies made its first deal Russian-Kazakhstani Fund of nanotechnologies made its first investment, acquiring a share in the Company LaserSolutions (Moscow). LaserSolutions is a leader on the market of Russia and CIS countries in the sphere of allocated fiber-optic systems of extended infrastructure facilities objects monitoring.

The Company`s technology possesses significant advantages, such as simultaneous measurement of deformation, pressure and temperature on the analysis section up to 130km, high-resolution capability – up to 50cm, in comparison with technologies, used nowadays. One of the leading technical teams on the CIS market in the sphere of fiber-optic systems, with 20-years experience of successful projects implementation, works under this technology.

Fields of application for the developed technology are: oil and gas sector (oil- and gas pipe lines and storage), transport infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, crossovers, railway and automobile infrastructures), power engineering facilities (hydro-electric power station, Central Heating and Power Plant, Atomic Power Station, electricity transmission lines), and geo-technological control (earth slide, mudslides, condition of slopes, dikes, dams, earth movement, earthquake-prone sectors control).

LaserSolutions actively cooperates with large Russian companies in oil and gas and railway spheres, negotiates with national companies of Kazakhstan.

Russian-Kazakhstani Fund of nanotechnologies was founded in 2011 with the aim to develop innovations in Kazakhstan and Russia. Nowadays the Fund amount is $51M, anchor investors are ROSNANO and Kazyna Capital Management, investing $25M each. The Fund was established for a period of 10 years, and the average participating period is 5-7 years. The Fund`s money are invested in the projects on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan on a parity basis. The Fund`s management is conducted by two global companies – VTB Capital Investments Management, and I2BF Global Ventures.