Five innovation branches are marked, and are possible to be developed in Russ

Five innovation branches are marked, and are possible to be developed in RussNational innovation and information technologies development association (NAIRIT) marked five innovation branches, which are effective to be developed in Russia. These are: programmable material, organs growth, cognitive technologies, alkali-doped iron selenide superconductors, memetic calculations, - states Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Programmable material can apply its features by means of programming. Cognitive technologies represent program or apparatus realizations of mathematical models, working under the principle of human body working systems, in particular brain. Alkali-doped iron selenide superconductors are the new technologies of supraconductivity on the basis of iron selenide. Memetic calculations are based on memetic, which learns distribution and evolution of memes – units of cultural information, analogues to gene in genetics.

According to NAIRIT, they would like by 2030 to reach one of the highest levels in medicine. For this purpose the Government has to develop organs growth branch, organize fields for investigations conducting, orient funds on financing of works in this subject, invite European experts.

If to take into account expenses structure on scientific investigations and developments, then in 2011 31,1% belonged to private funds and 68,9% 0 budget funds. By 202, according to forecasts, this situation should change the following way: 57% of funds will be private, 43% of funds will come from the budget.