Order taking for Zvorykinskaya Award is prolonged till September, 1

Order taking for Zvorykinskaya Award is prolonged till September, 1 Organizing committee of the Zvorykinskaya Award prolongs order taking for the second contest flow till September 1, 2013. We request authors of innovation developments to end up with profiles completion till the stated date. Please pay attention that projects` moderation takes up to three working days, this is why please do not postpone the application registration for the last day.

In order to take part in the contest Zvorykinskaya Award it is necessary to fully complete the application form of the site konkurs.innovaterussia.ru, which consists of 5 blocks. Remember that the more qualitative your speech about the project is, the easier it is for site visitors and experts to evaluate it.

The most perspective innovation projects, taking part in the contest, will receive support from private investors and companies, financing innovation developments. Winners of the contest will get money prizes in amount of 1M RUB, and an opportunity to promote the own project.

Winners` awarding will be conducted by 5 nominations:

The best innovation project
- In the sphere of “clean” technologies
- In the sphere of biomedicine technologies
- In the sphere of new materials
- In the sphere of information technologies
- In the sphere of instrumentation.

Participants of the contest can still become young citizens of Russian Federation aged 14-30 years old (those possessing a degree – above 35 years old),presenting innovation technologies. For this purpose the innovator needs to file an application at the site of the Zvorykinskaya Award konkurs.innovaterussia.ru.