The companies of RVC presented their development on the exhibition of the Ministry of Defense

The companies of RVC presented their development on the exhibition of the Ministry of DefenseRussian Venture Company and Funds with the participation of RVC together woth portfolio companies and partner organizations took part in exhibition “Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation”. Portfolio companies of the Seed Investments Fund “Optiz-Monitoring” and the C-Group Ventures Fund – “Sonda Technology” presented their innovation developments for needs of Russian Armed Forces.

The company “Sonda Technology” for the Ministry of Defense presented biometrical system of online operating identification – Sonda RTI. The system is possible to be used for fast identification of military personnel in military elements and in warfares, and also for recognition of unconscious faces, runaways and reclaimless. Besides, there has been presented a biometrical control system and managing of access and daily performance record in administrations and services of the Ministry of Defense. The company more than 20 years makes developments of identification biometrical systems. High quality of algorithms of the Company is confirmed by international testing: FVC, MINEX, NIST, SlapSeg, and method of identification and instrumental solutions are protected by 55 patents.

The Company “OPTIZ-Monitoring” demonstrated security monitoring optical systems of building constructions, working both independently and as part of full-range automated complex.

System sensor is able to register deformation, changes, temperature and pressure decline on already existing geotechnical constructions during its building. The system can work in various severe environment, including electromagnetic noise influence.

In the exhibition also took part representatives of venture Fund “Civil technologies of military-industrial complex”, established by RVC and JSC "Ramenskoye Design Company". This is the first Russian Fund, focused on work with civil projects in military-industrial complex sector.

“Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense with innovation enterprises can be productive and mutually advantageous. For the Ministry of Defense it is an opportunity to choose sophisticated suppliers with the best index “price/quality”, and enterprises get a unique access to large clients and strategic investors”, - comments the results of the exhibitions Andrey Vvedensky, a director of infrastructure development department of RVC. Besides, on the RVC stand own developments for needs of Military Arms demonstrated partnership organizations – Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Saratov State Technical University named after Yuriy Gagarin, the companies “Sensorica” and “Innovation technologies”.