RVC supports a seminar on neuroeconomics

RVC supports a seminar on neuroeconomicsIn August, 29 the Noncommercial educational organization “Future Biotech” with assistance of RVC and a council of young scientists of Institute of bioorganic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences will conduct a seminar “Neuroeconomics: mind takes decisions?!”

Neuroeconomics is a new interdisciplinary sphere, unifying economy sciences, psychology and neurobiology. It is a basis for creation of a unified theory of taking decisions by a particular person. Nowadays this area of science is one of the most perspective, and becomes more actual in the sphere of technological entrepreneurism: numerous investigations, particularly in the sphere of emotional interfaces creation, medicine and etc. are conducted.

Within the limits of the seminar Vasily Klyucharev will speak – a professor, an expert in the sphere of neurobiology, chief investigator and lector of the Basel University (Sweden), and a dean of the psychology faculty of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). The seminar will be held within the limits of a series of Youth scientific Schools “Modern biology & Future Biotech”, established in cooperation with RVC.

Participants of the seminar will learn who takes decisions instead us: our psycho or physiology? How is it possible to forecast preferences and behavior taking into consideration a dopamine level? How does neuroeconomics refer to physiology and marketing? There will also be discussed corner ideas of neuroeconomics, neuroeconomics models of taking decisions, opportunities of decisions forecast, or influence of technical devices of neurobiology at them.

The seminar will be conducted in August, 29 in 15:00 in a small hall of the Institute of bioorganic chemistry (16/10 Miklukho-Maklaya, Moscow). Participation in the seminar is free, registration required at http://futurebiotech.timepad.ru/event/77212/