Russian Abbyy has won a patent dispute from American Nuanceе

Russian Abbyy has won a patent dispute from American NuanceеThe Company Abbyy returned a verdict of not guilty in a patent invasion for optical recognition technology (OCR) and packaging of goods appearance, of which it has been accused by American Nuance, writes “We prefer to spend our life on development of new products, but not courts. If Nuance will offer their practice of competition in courts, we will be able to consider various variants of answer”, - answered the president and director general of the Group of Companies Abbyy Sergey Andreev on the question about the possibility of counter-claim.

According to him, patents became a significant element of competition, and it is impossible to exclude appearing of other claims in future. He added that at the moment patent protection of program products became transforming into innovations brake, but not into their stimulation, and supposed that would prefer that programs would be protected only by copywriting, and patents would be used in less dynamic spheres of innovations.

Judicial process has been initiated in 2008 by the American Company Nuance. Trial by jury of San-Francisco (USA) returned a verdict to Russian Company of not guilty. According to results of the court, the Abbyy is out of any payment in the plaintiff's favor, as it is said in the announcement of the Abbyy.

The Russian Company Abbyy is a developer of software and services provider in the sphere of recognition and entering documents, linguistics and translation. The head-quarter and two sales offices of the Group Abbyy, the linguistic company Abbyy Language Services and publishing house Abbyy Press are located in Moscow, other offices of the Company are located in Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Cyprus, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine and Japan.

Nuance Communications is a corporation, which develops linguistic and graphic software, its head-quarter is located in Burlington (state Massachussets, USA). A specialty of the Company – speech recognition, automatic telephone catalogue service, graphic editors. Nuance Communications cooperates with the Company Apple in the sphere of a Siri application development.