First semifinalists of the “Zvorykinskaya Award” are defined

First semifinalists of the “Zvorykinskaya Award” are definedThe organizing committee of the “Zvorykinskaya award” has summarized the results of the technical projects` expertise, filed at the first flow of the contest since May 15 till June 15, 2013. It is necessary to remember that the expertise has been conducted at the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Seliger 2013”, and for those participants, who could not come to the Forum, the expertise has been conducted extra-mural.

The maximum total number of points, which could be assigned to the project at the stage of technological expertise, is 25.

Points, received at the first stage of the contest, have summarized with points of the second stage. Summarizing the results for the third stage – 40 projects entered the semifinal (by 8 projects, receiving the highest amount of points at each nomination).

You can see the results of the technological expertise of the first flow, and a list of semifinalists at the site of the “Zvorykinsly project”