Banks and Rosnano will finance 5 Sarov projects

Banks and Rosnano will finance 5 Sarov projects Investment divisions of Sberbank and Promsvyazbank have given an expert evaluation of investment attraction for five projects of the Sarov Technopark. Joint learning of the Sarov developments has been held in August, 30. One of directors of the Infrastructure and educational Funds of the Rosnano programs Yevgeny Yevdokimov also took part in the session.

On results of the project session there has been taken a decision to approve all the projects for preparation to finance allocation, says the site of the technopark. Following are the descriptions of innovation ideas almost without reduction.

Aleksander Korobko, director of the Group of Companies “BinarCo”, presented a project named “Sulfacap”, devoted to development of various gases purification technologies from sulphur mixtures. The presented technology significantly less expensive in comparison with analogues. It required lesser power supply, saves used sorbent and adsorbate, and also significantly decreases amount of atmospheric emission of pollutants.

Aleksey Bursikov, a representative of the Innovation technology Center “CITIS”, presented the project “Angel – creation of sorbent for gas storage and transportation”, which is the most cheap method of storage and transportation of methane, not required rough technological conditions maintenance: it is not necessary to provide high pressure or extremely low temperatures.

Vasily Shpil`ko, director of Istok, JSC, presented high-voltage sensitive electrical supply of dozed capacity, which by many parameters exceeds global analogues and can replace it in domestic industry. The device is universal and is applied almost to all equipment and provides a wide power range, simultaneously keeping high degree of efficiency (97%).

Oleg Vyskubenko, director of Galan, JSC, said about the project of laser gas sensor production, meant for agents’ concentration definition in a gas phase by means of diode laser spectroscopy. Analogues gas analyzers are widely applied in gas-oil industry, but the presented model possesses a range of important competitive advantages: high sensitivity, increased reliability and durability, short time of making measurements (a few measuring cycles per second).

Aleksey Umnov, a representative of “Radiotechnologies-HH”, JSC, presented hardware-firmware platform (and a few services on its basis) for creation of monitoring network for environment parameters. Thanks to realization of the project citizens and organizations will have an opportunity to get exact local weather forecasts, allowing getting more weighed decisions and take into consideration all risks, connected to the weather, in questions of municipal management, building of sophisticated technical objects and various types of agriculture maintenance.