The next “Interra” Forum perhaps will be devoted to science development

The next “Interra” Forum perhaps will be devoted to science development  Perhaps, science will become the subject of the next Interra Forum, said the Ministry of education, science and innovation policy of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Nikonov, because now to science, as a driver of innovation development, is paid not enough attention. Director of the Forum Interra Lada Yurchenko, in her term, noted that if the organization committee approves this subject, then significant place at the Forum will have discussion of liberal sciences` problems.

“Crisis of liberal culture, which feels nowadays not only Russian, but, I suppose, also global society, requires a separate reasoning, because without understanding of the foundation, at which we, our ideology and our attitude are based on, no modernization is possible”, - said Mrs. Yurchenko.

Summarizing the results of the conducted Forum, Mr.Nikonov noted that his participants managed to trace a range of perspective directions in Universities and the whole educational system development. Besides, technopark of the Novosibirsk Academy town in the course of the Forum officially entered the European association of Technoparks, and interuniversity engineering magistracy, which was founded three years ago in Novosibirsk, received an offer to enter foreign educational consortium.

At her side, Mrs. Yurchenko informed that Forum fields have been visited by approximately 7 thousand people – pupils, students, teachers and simply citizens and guests of the city.